Road Safety Tips for Teenagers Driving Alone

Road Safety UK is a charity organization that seeks to reduce the number of road accidents through investing in research, education and advocacy. The campaign wants to prevent people from getting killed or injured on the roads which is why they are setting up new initiatives like Road Safety Week, Think! Day and Crash Care.

The campaign also wants to teach children about the dangers of traffic and how they can stay safe on roads. They provide educational resources for teachers, parents and children to help them understand these issues better.

Road Safety UK is the national charity for road safety. It aims to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads by reducing driver, passenger and pedestrian behaviour that increases risk.

The charity provides advice to drivers on how they can drive more safely, carries out research about UK roads and their users, campaigns for changes in policy to improve safety, and provides training to both drivers and other professionals who work with road users.

Road Safety UK was established in 1929 as the first independent national charity to address all aspects of road safety.

It is largely funded by voluntary contributions, but also has some government funding.

The organisation’s activities include education about road safety, research into improving both driver behaviour and vehicle design, and lobbying for changes in law.

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