Road Safety History 1954 - 1963

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1954 Revised edition of Highway Code Published.
Flashing indicators on cars become legal.
The first British diesel engined private car was a version of the Standard Vanguard Phase 11.
1955 The car accident claim UK situation with ever increasing numbers encourages the foundation of the League of Safe Drivers. It amalgamated with RoSPA in 1980 to become the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association.


Driving tests suspended on 24 November due to the Suez crisis and anyone who had held a driving licence for one month during the crisis was allowed to drive unaccompanied.
The Institute of Advanced Motorists introduced the Advanced Driving Test.
Petrol rationing introduced in December.


Compulsory driver testing resumed on April 15.
The three-year driving licence was introduced in September.
Petrol rationing ends in March.


The six-month provisional licence was introduced in March.
Britain's first motorway, The Preston by-pass  opens. Costing £4m to build and  8.5 miles in length, it is now part of the M6.
Parking meters introduced. The first were installed outside the American Embassy in London.


The BMC Mini goes on sale at a price of £500.
M1 motorway is opened by Ernest Marples, the Minister of Transport on 2 November. The first section was 72 miles long and cost £50M to build. 
Double white lines introduced.
Hammersmith flyover in London built at a cost of £1.3m.
Number of cars on British roads now exceeds five million.
Ford launches the Ford Anglia (105E) at it's Dagenham factory.


Large numbers of accidents due to vehicle failure results in the MOT test being introduced for vehicles over 10 years old covering brakes, lights and steering.
Learner motorcyclists restricted to machines under 250cc.
Traffic Wardens appear on the streets of London.
The first self-service petrol stations open.


Revised edition of Highway Code published.
The Tufty Club is formed.
Automated multi-story car parks open in London.
E Type Jaguar launched.


Voluntary Register of ADI's passed by Parliament.
Panda Crossings introduced.
Commercial Vehicle test inaugurated.
Valid MOT certificate now needed in order to obtain Tax disc.
Ford Cortina launched.
There are now 10 million vehicles on British roads with 350,000 casualties resulting in car accident claim uk statistics showing unprecidented increases.


Warboys Report proposes present day (continental style) traffic signs.
Automatic disqualification now mandatory for anyone with three driving licence endorsements in a three year period.
Ford's new Halewood factory opens and starts producing the Ford Anglia.
Ford Anglia launched at Fords new Halewood factory.
Three streets in London were pedestrianized on an experimental basis.

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