Road Safety History 1922 - 1937

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1922 Austin Seven launched.
1923 The first roundabouts were developed to assist traffic movements at junctions.
1924 First Motorway (Milan - Varese) Italy


First use of safety glass in windscreens. (Compulsory from 1937.)


Automatic traffic lights installed in Leeds and Wolverhampton.
First London to Brighton car run.
Single white lines were introduced as road dividers. (See double white lines introduced in 1959).
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.


Morris Minor production begins with prices starting at £125.


Road Traffic Act 1930 abolished the 20mph speed limit and set a variety of limits for different classes of vehicle. There was no speed limit for vehicles carrying less than seven persons.
A form of driving test for disabled drivers was introduced.
Minimum driving age set.
Proposed Highway Code.
Due to the number of unsatisfied court judgements for fatal car accident claim awards, Third Party Insurance now becomes compulsory.
Just over 1 million cars on the road and 7300 road deaths.


Morris produces it's Minor for £100; a very basic model sold with no bumpers or bright work.
At the discretion of Traffic Commissioners, public service vehicle drivers
could be required to take a test.
Highway Code published.


Ford sets up its' Dagenham car plant. (Moved from Manchester.)
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia.


Road Traffic Act 1934.
The Chief Commissioner introduced tests for drivers of heavy goods vehicles.
Driving test became compulsory. (Testing actually commenced in 1935).
The fee was 10 shillings. (50p)
Since third party insurance became complusory there was a rapid increase in fatal car accident claim settlements....7000 people were killed and there were only 1,500,000 registered vehicles.
Cat's Eyes invented by Percy Shaw of Halifax (UK).
Hendon Driving School founded by Metropolitan Police.
Flashing orange globes at pedestrian crossings introduced. The bill to implement them was promoted by the then Minister of Transport, Leslie Hore-Belisha.


Driving tests introduced on a voluntary basis on 13 March and became compulsory on 1 June.
30mph speed limit re-introduced in urban areas.
First Provisional Driving Licences introduced.
First use of windscreen wipers.
New edition of The Highway Code published.

1936 Trunk Roads Act transfers responsibility for main roads from local authorities to Ministry of Transport.
Cat’s Eyes installed in the surface of British roads.


Dipped headlights introduced.
Safety glass for windscreens and speedometers made compulsory.

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