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Our solicitors deal with motorbike accident claims on a genuine no win no fee basis. Disputed accidents can give rise to difficult legal issues in regards to liability and our specialist solicitors who are all members of both the Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme and The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) will give immediate advice on the prospects of success and the value of the claim. You will receive advice on evidence and what actions you should take to preserve your legal rights. If after talking to us you decide to proceed no further then you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged one penny for our advice.

Motorbike Accident Injury Compensation

The value for pain and suffering awarded in a motorbike accident claim depends on the extent of the injury, the recovery period and whether or not there are any long term disabilities. Assessing the amount of compensation to be awarded in a personal injury claim is not an easy matter for any Judge (former solicitor or barrister) who must compare the injury against other injuries in previously decided cases, make use of his own previous experience and be aware by the Judicial Studies Board guidelines. Compensation that may be awarded in a motorbike claim includes :-

  • physical injury
  • psychological damage
  • damage to motorcycle
  • damage to other property
  • loss of past and future income
  • domestic assistance for the future
  • medical expenses for the past and for the future
  • special equipment or needs for the future
  • loss of amenities of life
  • loss of congenial employment
  • change in lifestyle

Motorbike Accident Claim Facts & Figures

  • most motorbike accidents involve a collision with a car
  • a quarter of accidents involve no other vehicle
  • rider error causes more than half of single vehicle accidents
  • only 3% of accidents are caused by mechanical failure which is usually due to a punctured tyre
  • inclement weather is a factor in 2% of accidents
  • road defects are responsible for 2% of accidents
  • animals are involved in 1% of accident
  • proportionately more motorbike riders between the ages of 17 and 24 are involved in accidents than any other age group
  • large capacity motorcycles are less likely to be involved in accidents however injuries are more severe
  • most multiple vehicle accidents occur as a result of the other driver ignoring a right of way
  • most accidents overall are caused by the failure of motorists to see motorcycles in traffic
  • most accidents involve the motorcycle proceeding straight when a car makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle
  • most accidents occur at road junctions
  • most accidents involve a short trip close to the trip origin
  • most multiple vehicle accidents are as a result of the view of one of the drivers being obscured
  • the average speed of a motorbike accident is less than 30mph

LEGAL HELPLINE: ☎ 0844 414 1982