Speed Camera Law & Development June 2004 - September 2004

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Please note that we only deal with personal injury compensation
claims and we do not provide advice on speeding offences.

June 2004 Report claims that cameras are saving 100 lives a year. The Government have released an independently produced report stating that the cameras were saving 100 lives a year. As a result the network of cameras is to remain in place.
However, the Government's own survey of Britain's 5,200 cameras published on the Transport Department's website showed that personal injury accident claim rates had risen at some sites. Officials admitted that they had identified sites where 'casualties had increased rather than decreased'. Ministers said that there were sites where further investigation was necessary by the police forces who were responsible for them.
August 2004 The Wiltshire and Swindon Road Safety Partnership has started using a 650cc Honda Deauville motorcycle. It was introduced in  June to patrol country lanes and A roads and is in addition to the ten fixed cameras and six mobile vans in operation. So, if you're driving in Wiltshire, look out, you never know where they will be.
September 2004 Proposed Points shake up announced.
Ministers have issued a consultation document outlining their plans for an overhaul in the penalty points system with regards to speeding offences in the hope of cutting personal injury accident claim numbers.
They are proposing a sliding scale of points and fines depending where the offence took place and how much over the speed limit the driver was travelling. There would be tougher penalties for speeding in residential areas - near schools and hospitals, or where there are likely to be vulnerable road users. For example, anyone driving at 32mph or more in a 20mph area would be hit with an instant £100 fine and six penalty points.

The table below gives details of how it would work.
Speed limit Two points and £40 fine Three points and £60 fine Six points and £100 fine
20mph - 21 - 31mph Over 31mph 
30mph 31 - 40mph 41 - 44mph Over 44mph 
40mph 41 - 50mph 51 - 56mph Over 56mph
50mph 51 - 61mph 62 - 69mph Over 69mph
60mph 61 - 72mph 73 - 81mph Over 81mph
70mph 71 - 83mph 84 - 93mph Over 93mph

LEGAL HELPLINE: ☎ 0844 414 1982