Speed Camera Law & Development 2003 - 2004

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April 2003

Some Drivers are Being let off Speeding Fines. In some areas cameras are being set to flash only motorists who exceed 43 mph in a 30mph area because police cannot cope with the flood of fines they generate.
Guidelines dictate that drivers who exceed 35mph in 30mph zones should be fined but many cameras are set far above that.

May 2003 Super Cameras Could Help Police Catch Twice as Many Motorists. New digital cameras which instantly transmit pictures back to a central office enabling police to immediately process and send out fines are being trailed in the Midlands. Please note that a car accident lawyer who is a network member does not deal with speeeding offences.
September 2003 Cameras Cut Road Deaths Say Police. Fatalities fell by 13% last year in North Wales after the number of speeding fines tripled.
The Department for Transport found that deaths and serious injuries had fallen by 35% in 2002 on the roads targeted with cameras.
Most of the forces involved in the study, all of which are in favour of an increase in the number of cameras on their roads reported a decrease in the number of deaths. There has however been some pressure on increasing the number of cameras supported by a body of car accident lawyer experts that indicates that flashing radar controlled warning signs are more effective at reducing accidents. This arguments will no doubt run and run as flashing signs are not self funding.

Now There Are 5000 Cameras. An additional 1000 cameras were installed on the roads last year. The total number of units now stands at 5000 with some areas seeing an increase of 60%.
Digital cameras which track average speeds over a set distance and then send out fines to drivers have seen a big rise in numbers.
There is now a move towards sophisticated laser based systems which calculate speeds between fixed points. These new high-tech units now account for one in ten of all fixed sites, but their use varies from area to area.

January 2004 Middle Class may receive bigger fine. In a proposal by the Government, speeding fines could in future be linked to income meaning that the better off would face bigger fines.  The Scheme would scrap existing £60 penalties and replace them with means tested punishment.

LEGAL HELPLINE: ☎ 0844 414 1982