Road Safety History 1997 - 2002

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1998 The Newbury bypass opens. Security during the building of this road cost a staggering £30m.
DETR report that in 1997 3,599 people were killed, 42,967 were seriously injured and 327,544 were slightly injured on Great Britain's roads. Personal injury and accident solicitor law firms continue to deal with increasing numbers of cases giving rise to allegations of a developing compensation culture in the UK.


Completely revised and updated edition of the Highway Code published.
 White Paper issued by HM Government "A New Deal for Transport - Better for Everyone".
DETR report that in 1998 3,421 people were killed, 40,834 were seriously injured and 280,957 were slightly injured on Great Britain's roads.
From 1 June the vehicle excise licence for on a car or van with an engine capacity of 1100cc or less has been reduced to £100 per year (from £155).
The new bus lane on the M4 motorway between Heathrow Airport and London was officially opened on 7 June by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister. The 4 miles of tarmac and speed enforcement cameras cost £1.9m.
From 1 July all driving licences issued will be of the photo card type. This applies to licences whether they are first time issues or renewals.


DETR publish it's  strategy for reducing road accident casualties over the next ten years in it's report "Tomorrow's Roads - Safer for Everyone".
BMW sells the Rover Car Company to a Management Consortium.
Ford announces that it is to cease car production at it's Dagenham plant after 68 years.
21 June. The National Cycle Network is officially opened.
September. Truck drivers and farmers stage protests at oil refineries throughout the UK. Petrol stations run out of fuel bringing the Country to a standstill.
Personal injury and accident solicitor law firms welcome the publication of the DETR, The Home Office and The Lord Chancellor's consultation paper - "Road Traffic Penalties". 

2001 March - Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel goes on sale.
September - Number plate system completely revised. Consisting of two numbers denoting the region and area. e.g. YT. Then the month and year of registration. e.g. 51 (5 being September and 1 being 2001). Then three random letters. So the full number could be YT 51 XYZ.
2002 March After 91 years the AA road-side phone boxes are to be scrapped.  This is due mainly to the widespread use of mobile phones.  However twenty-one early wooden 'sentry' boxes are to remain without the 'phone because they are listed buildings.

LEGAL HELPLINE: ☎ 0844 414 1982