Road Safety History 1922 - 1937

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BL launch the Metro.
RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association set up.
Second Dartford Tunnel opened in May at a cost of £45M, having taken eight years to build.
Parliamentary Advisory Committee on Transport Safety (PACTS) set up. It's function is to promote transport safety amongst MPs and ultimately effect legislative changes. It's membership comprises MPs, and representatives from a wide range of transport and road safety organizations.


Driving Standards Agency created by the Department of Transport.
New regulations require that those accompanying learner drivers must have held a full driving licence for at least three years and are 21 years old or over.
'Compulsory Basic Training'  for motorcyclists introduced.
Learner motorcycle riders prohibited from carrying pillion passengers.
Children's Traffic Club formed.


All rear seat passengers must wear seat belts where fitted.
20mph zones introduced to reduce personal injury acciden UK statistics in busy urban areas.
White chevrons painted on the M1 motorway to help drivers to keep their distance.
Dartford (Queen Elizabeth) Bridge is opened in October.  It took three years to build an cost £86M.
Petrol prices soar as a result of the Gulf War.
MOT test to include petrol emissions, anti-lock braking and rear seat belts.
Channel Tunnel links England with France. 


Speed enforcement cameras introduced at permanent sites.
All new goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes to be fitted with 60mph limiters.
Minimum tyre tread depth of 1.6mm is introduced to reduce personal injury accident UK statistics.
Catalytic converters fitted to all new petrol engined cars.
Toyota comes to Britain, producing cars in Derbyshire.


Updated edition of Highway Code published.
Greater use of 'red light' and 'speed' cameras planned.
First trials of Puffin Crossing.
MOT test extended to cover many smaller items including rear fog lamps, registration plates and mirrors.


There are now 25.2 million vehicles on British roads. Casualties totaled 315,000 including 3650 fatalities, 444 of them being motorcyclists and 1124 pedestrians.
Bus and coach speeds limited to 65mph and HGVs to 56mph.
Channel Tunnel opens.
MOT test now includes diesel emissions.


Fitting of seat belts and restraints in minibuses and coaches used to transport children made compulsory.
Introduction of The Driving Theory Test. Drivers must now pass this written test of knowledge before they are able to take the practical test of driving competence.

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