Road Safety History 1905-1921

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There are now 15 million vehicles on British roads.
HGV driving test becomes compulsory.
Register of Approved Driving Instructors comes into force.


The Green Cross Code is introduced to attempt to reduce the increasing number of child injuries and personal injury accident claim settlements necessary to be made to children. The main emphasis in the code is 'stop - look - listen'. The previously used Kerb Drill, which was beleived to have some shortcoming is replaced by the new Green Cross Code
Zig-Zag markings are introduced at Zebra Crossings.


16 Year olds restricted to riding mopeds with maximum capacity of 50cc.
Graveley Hill Interchange (Spaghetti Junction) near Birmingham opens. 


A temporary 50mph national speed limit imposed to reduce fuel consumption. (Due to Israel/Egypt war when Arab states cut off oil supplies. 
VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) speed detection equipment used for the first time by Essex & Southend Joint Constabulary.
Reflective number plates made compulsory on all vehicles.
Computerized driving licences issued.
Crash helmets are made compulsory for riders of powered two wheeled vehicles.
Multi-tone car horns banned.

1974 Road Traffic Act 1974. Section 8 of this Act made road safety a statutory responsibility of local authorities who were required to promote road safety measures in order to reduce road accidents.
First airbags fitted to production cars.
All new cars in the UK were licenced centrally at the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Centre at Swansea. New style Registration Documents replace the existing Log Books.


Front number plates on motorcycles abolished. It was proved that in collisions or accidents they had the potential to cause severe lasceration injury to both riders and pedestrians.
Legislation requiring vehicles to be lit in the daytime in conditions of seriously reduced visibility.
York bypass opened by The Archbishop of York. Personal injury accident claim settlements increase exponentially as the 'whiplash' phenomena comes to the forefront.


Mini-roundabouts are introduced.


Mopeds redefined to a maximum speed of 30mph.
MOT test now includes windscreen washers, wipers, indicators, spotlights, horn, body structure and exhaust systems.
Ford launches the Fiesta.


New edition of Highway Code published.
Mandatory fitting of rear fog lamps to most vehicles manufactured after 1/10/1979.
60mph National speed limit and 70mph motorway speed limit made permanent.

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