Road Safety History 1963 - 1969

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Box junctions marked with yellow cross-hatching introduced in London causing much confusion amongst road users. This innovation eventually was adopted throughout the country and even today is much misunderstood.
The Forth road bridge in Scotland was opened by The Queen.
Vauxhall produces Viva at its Ellesmere Port factory.


Personal injury claim settlements due to road accidents exceed 300,000.
Allegedly due to a fuel crisis a temporary 70mph speed limit introduced on unrestricted roads. (including motorways). Notwithstanding the end of the fuel crisis and massive improvements in car technology especially handling and brakes the limit remained in place. It suited the government's balance of payments problem at that time, and indeed ever since, by reducing oil imports. This limit effectively boosted West German luxury high speed vehicle manufacturers as the home market for this type of vehicle manufactured in the UK collapsed causing numerous marques to disappear forever.

Continental type traffic signs introduced 'Halt' sign replaced by 'Stop'.

Severn Bridge opens.
Mont Blank Tunnel links Italy with France.
50 mph speed limits were introduced on certain rural trunk roads in Britain in an attempt to reduce accidents.

Brake stop lamps were made compulsory in the UK.
All new cars must have flashing turn indicators from 1st September.


Give Way rule introduced for roundabouts.


Ministry of Transport issue "Road Safety - A Fresh Approach" a Paper proposing a wide range of measures to reduce the number of accidents and personal injury claim cases.
 Drink Drive laws come into force in UK.(8 October), with a limit of 80mg alcohol in 100ml blood.
Seat belts compulsory in new cars registered after 1 April.
Annual MOT test for all cars over three years old. (Replaces the ten year requirement introduced in 1960)
Number plate suffix change moves to August each year.


Revised and enlarged edition of Highway Code Published.
New tyre tread regulations require 1mm of tread across three-quarters of it's width.
Tyre checks added to MOT test for cars over 10 years old.


A separate driving licence group was established for vehicles with automatic transmission.
Pelican Crossings introduced.

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